Monday, January 6, 2014

Crazy and Awkward!!

Husband and I have been so busy the past few weeks
so so so much going on! 

Husband worked all day Saturday
so Sunday we took it easy and just hung out with some of our really good friends
oh dear you guys...
Husband and I were so crazy!
So crazy!!!
like he leaned over to me and said "cheerios" before our friends came over and I laughed,
belly laughed
for a good minute or two.
oh dear.

we have just been so stressed the past few weeks and having a day to just let it go was amazing 

luckily our friends know us well enough to know our crazy
they like us for it
they've got it too
that's why we're such good friends :)

Husband got me a remote for my camera this christmas! 
SO excited! 

You all were so great with my awkward fashion blogger post that I decided to make it a regular thing!!
While Husband was getting ready for church I snapped a few pictures with my new remote. 

The pictures didn't look too awkward...
but you should know
I was singing songs from Daniel the Tiger the whole time in my head
"grown-ups come back" 
"if you have to go potty stop, and go right away."

So in my mind it was more awkward then on the outside. 
so maybe sing those songs while you look at these and you'll get more of the full extent of the awkward :) 

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