Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I was listening to my favorite station on Pandora today
and I realized something interesting

my three favorite lady singers all look pretty similar
similar quirkiness
similar bright blue eyes
similar dark hair
similar bangs
Even Similar makeup on occasion

(Zooey Deschanel)

(Regina Spektor)



I'll be back

Steven and I are heading out for a while
big changes in the future?
maybe not 

I'll let you know as soon as we find out 

Back in a bit
(keep your fingers crossed for us) 

Monday, February 3, 2014


Dreams are a funny thing to me

Sometimes they are awesome! 
Sometimes they are non-existent.
Sometimes they are terrifying. 

I don't dream a lot 
usually less then once a month
but when I do 
they are vivid 
and I can remember them in great detail the next morning

Most of the time I love my dreams
Usually everything is cartoon
and honestly
I dream in musicals :) 
everyone is dancing and singing 
There's at least one melodic theme running through the entire dream
(sometimes I really wish I had the skills to copy down my dream songs) 
don't judge

To me they are awesome. 

But sometimes I have terrible 

Dreams that wont let me wake up
Dreams that are all too real
Dreams that make me hold my husband so tightly after they are over and sob
until I am exhausted

It is interesting to me that dreams happen
I honestly don't know much about them
why we have them
if they mean anything

But when I do get one that is vivid enough to remember the next day
I try and write them down 
I have no idea if it will ever mean anything
but for me
especially with the bad ones
It's a good way to get it out of my head
to get over it

Do you guys know anything about dreams? 
Anything that helps you when the bad ones come? 
Any special way of recording them? 

I'd love to hear what you think. 

Friday, January 31, 2014

Self and Confidence

Growing up I didn't think much about who the prettiest girl in the room was
I honestly didn't care. 
That's not what matters about a person anyway. 
I didn't spend time thinking of how I ranked with other girls. 
Why would you do that? 

Instead of focusing on how I ranked against other girls I focused on becoming the best and most beautiful me. 
That's all. 

I took care of my body as best I knew how
and honestly, I loved my body
I did my hair and makeup in a way that made me feel the most beautiful
I wore what clothing made me happy and confident

But somewhere down the line, a few years ago, I lost sight of what made me feel like me 
and what made me beautiful and unique

I started following a lot of blogs where girls seemed to always look perfect
The line between reality and fake started to blur to me

Each day I felt less and less beautiful 
 my hair didn't fall that way
my makeup wasn't just so
my legs don't look like that
my clothes aren't good enough

These terrible thoughts kept creeping into my head
but still...I fed the fire and kept looking 
kept researching

There were all these rules I needed to follow in order to be beautiful
I had not been following so many of them
How could I have been confident without following "the rules?!"
surely that was not true confidence
or true happiness

I was in my mid twenties and having my first crisis of image
it was and has been heartbreaking

Before I never really cared what people thought of my crazy curly bangs or my transformers t-shirts 
I felt like me.
Like the real me
And that was all that mattered
I knew in every picture, every encounter, every anything I was at least 100% me. 

Then all that was gone

I started trying to wear what I was "supposed" to wear, even if it didn't make me happy or comfortable
I started trying to part my hair and wear my makeup the way I "should"
I kept trying to attain the "perfect body"
and when I couldn't, 
because what I was trying for honestly isn't even my body type,
I got so discouraged that I just stopped trying all together
I stopped doing things that I loved because they were no longer helping me reach 

This not only effected my self- confidence 
but my happiness in general
I was not longer happy with the way I looked or presented myself
and it's hard to do much of anything that feels like you 
when you don't even feel like you look like you

Recently i have started making changes
I knew how good it felt to be comfortable in your own skin, 
I just needed to get that back

I stopped following all blogs that made me in any way feel inferior
and I started only doing things that make me happy
Even if it is silly or crazy
Especially if it is silly or crazy
because sometimes, in those moments, you are the most free

I have started loving my life again
really loving my life

I have the most amazing and supportive husband
who is so excited to get his old best friend back :) 
(I'm sorry it took so long my love) 

The past few years have been really hard
I wish I could say it was easy to recognize 
and overcome
but obviously it isn't/wasn't

Some days I still feel like I am falling short

But then I remember that as long as I'm trying
and as long as my end goal is not "to look like her"
but to look like me
the best me
the real me

I think I'll be just fine. 

I honestly think this is why I have had such a hard time committing myself to blogging
I want to share what's happening with us with those that are interested
but I never felt like my life was good enough
or worth sharing

I love art
I do it all the time
I majored in it for crying out loud :) 
but my projects never lived up to expectations

I love our life adventures
We do have so much fun
Even in the small moments
but they were never anything that was "blog worthy" in my mind

I love fashion
I love getting all dressed up
but I also really love a good pair of jeans and an old t-shirt
I never felt like I was good enough to post anything

So as far as blogging goes
I hope you don't expect too much
because I'm so over making my life look like it is anything that it isn't just for the sake of stats
I'm still trying to decide if I want to even keep posting

I guess we'll see 

Friday, January 17, 2014

I know this was forever ago... oh well :)

My parents came to visit! 
it was awesome!! 

We went to the Dole Plantation

Ate a yummy thanksgiving dinner
(Ham baked with fresh pineapple slices, twice baked potatoes, hawaiian sweet rolls, garlic green beans...i mean Yum! ) 

We found coconuts outside in our backyard
The water in the glasses shown is what was left over after we all had a glass already :)

 We snorkeled and swam

Saw my favorite fish

We ate yummy Malasadas

we went hiking
and we did a bunch more
 I don't have pictures from it all :)

too much fun!! 

It was the best being able to spend so much time with my parents for the holiday

Thanks Mom and Dad for coming and being our first visitors to your new home!

(it was a little overcast on our hike
but still gorgeous)

Come back anytime! 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Today I have been thinking a lot about why I blog. 
 I think over the past couple of years I have been trying to be something I'm not. 
I haven't been totally honest.
 I haven't been 100% myself with you guys. 
And that has made me not want to post.
I have these unrealistic expectations of what each and every post should be before I actually publish it.
Unrealistic expectations for myself, my photos, my body, my outfits, my life, my words, my hair, my skin and makeup, my relationships, everything.
And I'm tired of it

The past month or two has felt the most like myself 
but it has only just started to feel that way
I have decided that for the next few weeks I am going to be posting truth
Only truths
Only me

If by the end of these few weeks I still love blogging, 
I'll keep posting.
If by the end of it I realize it was all a sham from the start
I can end this before I waste any more of my time, and yours. 

So hello blogging world.
My name is Margeaux.
It's nice to finally meet you.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bee Golden

Today I am excited to have a tutorial for you all

I'll try and explain how to make these 
Golden Bee prints

So here we go! 

Supplies Needed:
Styrofoam take-out box
Pair of scissors
Mechanical pencil with sturdy tip
Sketchbook with quality paper
Paper towels 
Foam brush
Craft paint

First things first, 
You need to decide what you are going to bee making the print off
(see what I did there :) 

One of my good friends asked me to do a project for her living room that happens to have a bee theme
so that was easy enough for me

this was my reference photo for drawing

Cut your take-out box top off and trim off all but the flat top
Using your mechanical pencil lightly sketch out your image
i drew this bee out quite a few times on paper before going to the actual styrofoam
you really only get one shot

once the image is how you like
press the image in using either the graphite tip or the plastic/metal tip of your pencil
just make sure not to press all the way through
just make a nice groove

choose your paint
I used a gold craft paint
this type of paint will work best and can be bought in any local craft store

also, if you don't have a palette or plastic plate you want to use
fold a few pieces of cling-wrap up and tape them down
it doesn't look pretty
but it gets the job done
and makes clean up a snap 

Using your foam brush paint very very VERY lightly onto the top of your image
you don't want to press hard at all
otherwise you'll get paint into your grooves and the image won't show up when you press it

Once you're set with paint take out a sheet of your quality paper from your sketchbook and press it on

you might need to experiment a couple times with pressure
if you press to hard the paint will squish into your grooves, ruining your image
but if you don't press hard enough the image wont show up at all
it takes a few tries but you'll get it

Carefully peel back your paper
make sure not to let it slide around


If you find that you used too much paint
you can use a fresh paper towel
(i find Vita brand works best)
and press it lightly onto the image to remove any excess paint that might be bubbling on your image

Also, if you are wanting to make multiple prints
you might find after a few the paint starts to build up in the grooves
to keep it as clean of a print as possible simply use a clean towel to wipe excess paint out 
You can also wash your template with water
either way :) 

once they are dry all that is left is 
pulling off the fringe of your pages
and you're done! 

 you've got golden bee's to hang on your wall
or send to a friend :)  

What do you guys think? Is this something you'll try out? 
Would you guys like to see more crafts and tutorials here? 
Let me know and I'll do my best :)