Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Everyday Makeup Part 1: Bold Lip

This is my everyday basic makeup routine. 

Sometimes I like to draw focus to my eyes.
Sometimes I like to draw focus to my lips. 

Here's my basic routine with the emphasis on lips. 
I will post another soon with my "focus on eyes" look soon. 

This look only takes a few minutes making it perfect for school, moms or just someone who doesn't have the patience for "real" makeup everyday (like me) 

so...here we go. 

Start with a clean and moisturized face.  
(no makeup Margeaux! AH! please keep scrolling!!)

I don't like to wear foundation, bb cream or tinted moisturizer on a regular basis. 
If I'm going out on a fancy date....sure. 
But it's too heavy for my skin for everyday. 
(my skin is ultra, mega, super sensitive and acne prone so....as little as possible is best) 

 I find the things that I do want to cover up on a daily basis and cover JUST those things. 

Like my dark circles under my eyes....
They need HELP!!
It's a nice and thick but blend-able concealer that stays put all day long. 

I like to draw in the full triangle under my eye from my nose to the outer corner of my eye, and a little around the bottom of my nose. 
It covers the dark and makes you look a little more naturally lit at the same time. 
2 in 1 
AND keeping it natural lookin? Perfect!  

But honestly who can take themselves seriously while they have their face painted like this. 
So go ahead and make some faces and let out a war cry. 
It's all part of the process...

This is Husband's favorite step :)  

Using my finger I just blend blend blend away those little dark spots. 

The yellow tint of the W1-2-3 color of the concealer stick is perfect for neutralizing my dark circles. 
You might need to experiment a little to find out what color would work best for you. 

(We can go into this in more detail if you guys have questions about what colors to use to neutralize dark circles and discolorations. 
Let me know in the comments if you do and I'll start working on that asap) 
If not just pretend I never said anything :) 

Up next is my favorite concealer stick. 
This little stick is MAGIC!
It is waterproof so it stays all day but doesn't clog my pores up. 
MAGIC I tell you!   
I kind of am obsessed with it. 

(Target carries only a few colors so if you don't match any of the ones there don't worry. find your closest ULTA store and they tend to carry a lot more options. They're just usually more expensive so I tend to try and find things at Walmart or Target first :) Sorry ULTA.)  

After you have perfected your skin in the most "oh so natural looking" way, 
it's time for a little color. 

I found this palette through my sister-in-law.
It's awesome! 
It has a bronzer AND a blush in it for 3 dollars!
Let me say that again...

I have been using a sample of the benefit hoola for a long time now and this bronzer is so similar it's not even funny.
Plus at 1/7th the price...I can live with a TINY bit of difference for that price.  
(I'll post a picture if you're interested later. Seriously, they are the same!)

And the blush is a beautiful color. Perfect for everyday wear. 

Just a little bronzing powder right under the cheek bones.

And a little blush right on the apples of your cheeks.  

$3.00!! Why are you still reading this!? 
Go get it, come back and THEN we'll finish the rest. 
I'll wait for you to get back...


Up next is the eyebrow scene. 
I've used this same product for years. 
As long as you keep it sharp it'll be your brow's best friend. 

Use a light hand and lots of little strokes mimicking the look of your natural hair. 
I think I just got my pencil too dark this last time. I sometimes struggle. 
So fill them in and if it feels like too much.....

Use an old mascara wand, 
CLEANED of course, 
and brush brush brush to natural filled in perfection.  

Next is where I decide if I am going to go with a bold lip or eye for the day. 
Today we're talking lip so....green crazy lipstick it is. :) 

I put this here because If I choose to do eyes I put liner on before mascara. 
but since I'm not...
On to mascara! 

This mascara is bomb! 
I have used the Covergirl LashBlast Volume mascara since what feels like forever. 
I have yet to find one that works as well for me and my lashes. 

But you use your favorite mascara. 
You know, the one that makes your lashes exactly how you imagine them looking if you were granted one eyelash wish by a magical mascara/eyelash genie....that one. Use that one.  


Up next is lips. 

This lipstick is my favorite for those days that I want to wear a bolder lip color
but don't want to fuss over it all day. 

I found this lipstick at a walgreens for 2 bucks when we lived in Hawaii...
problem is they don't sell it on the mainland. 
But you can buy it online. 
And i'm sure they have similar products around somewhere....right?

Prep your lips...
This is a stain so if you have any uneven-ness or dry skin it will SHOW! 

(I'll post another tutorial if y'all are interested in my prep process)

and then swipe on a layer of this crazy green lipstick and watch what happens.  

It reacts with your body's heat to create the perfect pinky shade for you. 
It's great
Plus it's a stain...so it doesn't budge ALL DAY! 
(I'm really all about putting it on once and being done for the day) 

So play with your hair while you wait for you lipstick to turn it's perfect, all day strong, lovely shade of boldish pink. 


And that's it.
It takes me about 7 minutes to get my makeup on for the day
and oh what a difference it makes. 

Let me know what you guys think or if you have any questions on anything. :) 

Would you be interested in seeing more more tutorials like this?
leave a comment below and let's be friends :) 

 All the products and what shade I used:


  1. I love your process and am always interested in learning what people do to achieve their look. What you do seems so easy. And since I live right by you, I've seen it in person, too, and it looks great! (It's your walking-buddy here).

    I don't know how to do make-up and when I try, it just doesn't look right. I just don't know what to pick to use. You can't tell by magazines.

    I am interested in that lipstick though. My favorite shade I discovered years ago by Lancome...and, as my luck runs, they have discontinued it. But I would love to try what you use. It sure would beat out trying to find "the right" color.

    Do you put mascara on your bottom lashes? Even a teeny-tiny bit?? My lashes are shorter than yours and thick so they almost seem like they stick out straight.

    1. That stinks about your favorite lipstick! It's so bad when you finally find something you love so much and then poof it's gone! :( I would fully recommend this lipstick though! I added a link at the bottom of the post to the lipstick to make it super easy to find. They have a variety pack of 6 different colors including the green that will change to just slightly lighter or darker shades, or just the pack of 6 greens. I have a few of the different colors and they really do work too so if you're really interested I would probably recommend that pack. It's my favorite though just because, like you said, it takes the guesswork out of finding that perfect shade. :)

      I don't use mascara on my bottom lashes. My lashes are so long on the bottom that I find it makes them look a little crazy eyed when i add it to the bottom row. A little too 60's for me for every day :) You might want to try with yours, being thicker and shorter, a lash curler. They are super intimidating at first but I think that would help with keeping them curled instead of just straight out.

    2. My eyelashes have a life of their own. Unfortunately, eyelash curlers don't work for me. The lashes curl for a moment, long enough to get a little mascara on, but then they straighten out.

    3. That is a bummer! I'll see what I can find for helping with stick straight lashes for you though. I'll let you know when I find something that might help :)

  2. LOVE IT!! I'll have to go get some and try it out!! Love the cost! Thanks for the great tips!

    1. Thanks Kira! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

  3. I love it! And you're gorgeous with no make up on ;) yes how do you prep your lips, I'm so clueless on make up. That green stuff is awesome!

    1. Oh Steph! Thanks so much! You are seriously the sweetest always!! I am working on a lip prep tutorial for you now!! :) I should have it ready next week!! :) Thanks for the feedback!!! Love you friend!

  4. Love the simple routine. So beautiful! I would love to know more about your skin care routine -- good moisturizers, spot treatments, breakout prevention/helps etc. Keep the beauty posts and tutorials coming!

    1. Thank you Kaylee! You are so sweet!! I will get started on a skin care routine post for you right away and hopefully have that up and running within the next week or two. Thank you again for your kind words and wonderful idea! I am so excited to get that started for you!!! :)

  5. I went the site to look at the lipsticks. I kind of like the six-pack of different colors. From trial and error, I like a rose or a coral on me because of my skin tone and hair color.

    You said you used green. And I've seen it on you and it looks so natural...not a red as you would think of a red. When I hear of red lipstick, I think of the bright/dark red you see in magazines on models...like the red lip Marilyn Monroe had. I didn't realize how large a spectrum of red there was!

    However, six lipsticks cost $8.99 and even if I don't use all the colors, the price is good when you see those high-end lipsticks at department stores going for over $20...for just one!

    Have you tried the others? I saw that the magenta lipstick turns shades of "cherry". I was wondering how different that might be than the green.

    I wish the site gave samples...like those little Avon samples.

    I'm still curious. maybe using the six colors I will discover more lip shades that I like...and have a choice foe each day.