Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Lip Prep for 4 Different Lip Formulas

I had a few of you request my lip prep process mentioned in my first tutorial
here it is! 

Lip Prep for 4 different kinds of lip products. 
lip gloss, 
colored lip balm, 
and lip stains. 

It's basically the same thing but I just leave steps out for certain formulas. 

The video shows my processes for lipstick which is the most complex of the 4. 
My process for the other formulas can be found down under the steps from the video 

Thank you so much for watching guys! 
And again, 
if you have ANY requests or questions
hit me with them! 


(Each step is linked with the product I used from the video. Enjoy!) 

I use this little exfoliating lipstick almost every day. It is perfect for getting off any flakes or dry skin that might get in the way of creating the perfect lasting lip. 

Use small circular motions combined with large sweeping motions back and forth across your entire lip to exfoliate to perfection! Then using a damp cotton round wipe off any leftover sugar scrub from your lips. 

You do not by any means need to plump your lips on a daily basis. I usually don't. But for this video and for the sake of showing what this E.L.F. product can do, I used it. Feel free to just use basic chap-stick in place of the plumper here. The main thing that needs to happen is returning moisture to your newly exfoliated lips.

Quickly sweep your plumper/moisturizing chap-stick across your lips. Not too much now. Just enough to make them baby soft but not slippy. 
Wait for it to soak into your lips before moving to the next step. You don't want too many products building up under your color.
(I basically use any moment of pause in my routine to I would encourage that :) 

3. Prime
Priming your lips before applying color helps keep the color true to what you see in the tube and helps it last longer throughout the day. You can also use concealer or foundation to neutralize. I just choose to use the primer for it's added staying power. 

Apply the primer like you would a lip-stick. Cover your entire lip area to completely neutralize your natural lip color. I use my finger to blend it in a little and to make sure it is evenly spread over all my lip. 

4. Line
I got this liner a few years ago when this literally was the only clear liner I could find. Now there are many drugstore options available. I choose to use clear liner instead of colored because really, who has the money to buy a liner that matches every-single-one of your different lip colors. It just seems like a waste to me. Plus if your lipstick wears off sooner then the liner you get left with JUST the liner....not my favorite look. SO....clear just makes it all way easier. It matches everything I have and still keeps my lipstick in place. 

Line right on the edge of your natural lip line. This liner won't show so you don't have to be perfect about it. Just make sure you line where you don't want your lipstick to bleed past. 

5. Color
In Hawaii all of my lipsticks started to melt so I placed them in those little contact cases so I could still use them. Kind of weird, but it works. 

After choosing a color, use a brush to apply an even coat to your entire lip area. I love this brush because it's retractable, so I can take it with me wherever I go for an anytime touch-up. 

That's it! Your lipstick will go on smooth and stay looking fabulous for hours. 

Like I said above, the processes for the other formulas is very similar. I just leave a few things out. 

1. Exfoliate
2. Moisturize
3. Line
4. Color

1. Exfoliate
2. Balm

1. Exfoliate
2. Moisturize
3. Line
4. Color

Thanks friends! See you next week!!! 


  1. Looks great!

    Question...did you just slice off a piece of the lipstick to keep in the contact case?

    1. Yeah. haha. In hawaii it was so hot that my lipsticks were melting everywhere so I just pulled out the stick, placed it on a metal spoon and carefully melted it over a hot oven burner. I just poured the melted lipstick into the contact cases so I could still use them but didn't have to worry about them leaking out of the lipstick tube when I took them out. :)