Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bee Golden

Today I am excited to have a tutorial for you all

I'll try and explain how to make these 
Golden Bee prints

So here we go! 

Supplies Needed:
Styrofoam take-out box
Pair of scissors
Mechanical pencil with sturdy tip
Sketchbook with quality paper
Paper towels 
Foam brush
Craft paint

First things first, 
You need to decide what you are going to bee making the print off
(see what I did there :) 

One of my good friends asked me to do a project for her living room that happens to have a bee theme
so that was easy enough for me

this was my reference photo for drawing

Cut your take-out box top off and trim off all but the flat top
Using your mechanical pencil lightly sketch out your image
i drew this bee out quite a few times on paper before going to the actual styrofoam
you really only get one shot

once the image is how you like
press the image in using either the graphite tip or the plastic/metal tip of your pencil
just make sure not to press all the way through
just make a nice groove

choose your paint
I used a gold craft paint
this type of paint will work best and can be bought in any local craft store

also, if you don't have a palette or plastic plate you want to use
fold a few pieces of cling-wrap up and tape them down
it doesn't look pretty
but it gets the job done
and makes clean up a snap 

Using your foam brush paint very very VERY lightly onto the top of your image
you don't want to press hard at all
otherwise you'll get paint into your grooves and the image won't show up when you press it

Once you're set with paint take out a sheet of your quality paper from your sketchbook and press it on

you might need to experiment a couple times with pressure
if you press to hard the paint will squish into your grooves, ruining your image
but if you don't press hard enough the image wont show up at all
it takes a few tries but you'll get it

Carefully peel back your paper
make sure not to let it slide around


If you find that you used too much paint
you can use a fresh paper towel
(i find Vita brand works best)
and press it lightly onto the image to remove any excess paint that might be bubbling on your image

Also, if you are wanting to make multiple prints
you might find after a few the paint starts to build up in the grooves
to keep it as clean of a print as possible simply use a clean towel to wipe excess paint out 
You can also wash your template with water
either way :) 

once they are dry all that is left is 
pulling off the fringe of your pages
and you're done! 

 you've got golden bee's to hang on your wall
or send to a friend :)  

What do you guys think? Is this something you'll try out? 
Would you guys like to see more crafts and tutorials here? 
Let me know and I'll do my best :)

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