Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Hairy Story

So I loved my long hair
(yes past tense) 
but it was too stinking hot and humid here for me to actually do anything with it
I couldn't curl it and leave it down
it would be crazy and fluffy within an hour
One time I even tried to straighten it....
let's all just laugh together at the epic fail that was. :) 

so I decided to cut it


I showed the hair dresser these pictures
and told her i wanted the longer length but with the cut of the shorter
so like a longer/mid-length a-line
easy enough right? 



I came home with this
I'm not sure if you can see but it was two very distinct layers
(this picture doesn't even make it look half as bad as it was 
but it's the only picture I've got of the before)

it was like she put the two haircuts I showed her one on top of the other
and when I curled my hair it looked crazy! 
Two distinct weird layers

so....I just cut it myself

Cut that bottom layer right off

So here's were we're at
the length will grow
and then I'll just get it cut again

Moral of the story...
Only go to hairdressers that can fluently speak the same language as you

Sorry little Korean lady
You were really nice
but you had no idea what I was saying
and to be totally honest...I didn't know what you were half the time either :) 

Does anyone have any pointers for getting your hair cut and avoiding having an experience like this? 
(besides speaking the same language :) 
How to actually say what you are wanting done? 


  1. You look cute!! Ask some girls in your ward who have nice haircuts who they go too haha

    1. Thats a really good idea! Thanks! How have i never thought of that? Haha

  2. Let me just tell you, I tried to get someone to cut my hair in a long a line starting in high school and nobody got it right until I was in college. Night of the mario cart party actually.