Monday, November 18, 2013

Night Life

To be totally honest
I don't shoot a lot at night.

But Friday night
Steven and I had stayed up much too late.
 When we took our dog out right before what should have been bedtime to do her thing
the night was too gorgeous to pass up

The moon was completely full
and it was the brightest and most beautiful night I have ever seen

You could see everything 
There were hardly any stars visible because of how bright the moon was shining 
Huge white clouds were in the sky reflecting light everywhere
 you could still see the purple outlines of trees and homes
just as clearly as if it were just barely dusk
when in reality it was after midnight

It was breathtaking

We sat outside for another hour or so in amazement at how beautiful it all looked
It was a wonderful way to start our weekend

I am so thankful for the beauty of our new home.
It is truly amazing.
We feel truly blessed. 

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