Thursday, November 14, 2013

Humidity, Heat, and Hair...Oh My!

 I have lived in a pretty dry and cold place for the past 7 years
I have gotten so used to needing hair down 
for warmth/survival reasons

But then we moved here

It's so painfully hot and humid
I got here during the hottest months of the year
it was really good to just get right into it
right into the heart of it all

but I have had to get more creative with my hair
and while a milkmaid braid is not super creative...
to me it's a big deal 

Hair usually hates me....big time
and while I realize these braids are nothing fancy
they are really not even that great of braids now that I'm actually looking at the picture
but still
it was a success for me
and that was a happy

so here it success

Check out more braids I've been wanting to try here

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