Monday, November 25, 2013


Over the past couple years or so Steven has encouraged me to take pictures of outfits that he really likes
I mean I like them too but I don't like it so much I want to take a picture of it to remember forever

I look at a few fashion blogs
have for years
and Steven is always encouraging me to try to do that here
(I mean I thought it would be fun...but I'm just...well...keep reading)

but as you have noticed...that's never really made it onto the blog

WHY you may ask?

lemme esplain

I wanted to share some of the absolute "gems" of the fashion blogging style that I would be forced to do

see....I'm not graceful
I'm pretty clumsy and awkward
I would need to create my own category in order to participate

and so
without further ado

here's to the would be 
"awkward fashion blogger"....

if you've made it all the way through

as you can see I have no shortage of awkward photos
so what do you think?
would you like to see more "outfit"/mostly just funny awkward pictures? 

cause believe me....
I've can deliver. 

or should I stick with trying to achieve the ever illusive "good" picture? 


  1. Awkward pictures are the best!! Keep them coming!

  2. Be yourself, I love it! I would like to see your whole outfits in your pics just cause you're so dang cute!

  3. What's not to love?
    This girl writes Awesome and Awkward inspired and put your own spin on this thing because you have great style and carisma---which is definitely awesome which makes whatever awkwardness awesome too! Love you Margeaux!

    1. That's great! It's so good to know i'm not the only one who struggles withh awkwardness :) thanks for your sweet comment sarah.

  4. Cute girl! I would love to see you just be confident in your pictures! You know you have us all jealous with how absolutely gorgeous you are! I like the awkward (duh, its what made me want to be your friend!) but I also like the embrace-the-beauty-confident Margeaux as well :)

    1. Sheesh Cambra. You sure know how to make me blush. Thanks though girl. You're the best and I promise i'll try and make sure that I get at least one good one in there just for you :)

  5. Haha!! It is terribly awkward, but I know you can do beautiful pictures too. Although the awkward are too funny!! Goodness knows I probably have a million awkward photos I could post as well.

    1. Courtney. I totally don't believe it! You are WAY to cute and graceful to have any awkward pictures. Love you lady!

  6. PLEASE! Make this segment a thing! I love awkward fashion blogger!