Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Love Today


1. I love that my work is SO CLOSE to where I live. I only walk 3 minutes tops to get there! BOOM!
2. I love that I had time today to take our little bundle on a walk during my lunch break. 
3. I love that it's not -18 outside anymore. It's actually gotten to the mid-thirties this week and it has been paradise! 
4. I love that if Husband's phone doesn't have reception while he's driving so far away he will use a friends phone just to text me and let me know he's still alive and how much he loves me. Random number I love you's are so great. 
5. I love that no matter how far away Husband might be right now, I know that he's doing it all for us and our future. 
6. I love that my birthday is coming up fast. 
7. I love that I'm going to be a quarter of a century old! WHAT!? 
8. I love that the misty air reminded me of Husband and Seattle and made today not as hard to be apart in a small way. 
9. I love that my sister sent me the cutest picture of my niece today. Totally a pick me up for the lunch hour let me tell you what. 
10. Most of all I love that I'm going to see this crazy face again in only 3 days!

Hurry Home Husband Man. 
I've got a smooch and a hug with your name on it just waitin! 

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