Thursday, February 7, 2013

Toto shout out

A little while back husband and I went on a really fun date
he took me to see BYU Vocal Point perform on campus
It was super fun. 
We got all dressed up
got there on time
found our seats
but nothing prepared me for what was to come

The show was going great
the guys were funny 
obviously SUPER talented
it was loads of fun

then things changed...
They started singing Christmas songs.
Oh dear
It was January

Now I'm not against Christmas songs
it's just there are only about 10 of them
and a month full of the same 10 songs being sung over and over again is enough for me
once a year it's great
but once December is over I move on from those 10 same songs.
(seriously I like Christmas songs. I hope this doesn't come out wrong) 

anyway...they chose to sing my LEAST favorite of these 10 available Christmas songs
the 12 days of Christmas
Its just really long and repetitive guys. 

so they started singing and in my mind I already had kind of checked out
but then 
they started changing it...
and it ended up being one of my favorite songs of the night! 

I'm pretty sure that I was one of 15 people in the entire stadium that night that actually knew what song they were singing...
but this song
this particular song 
is one that Husband and I dance and rock out to on a regular basis

It was the best!! 

so I found this little video to show you just what I was talking about

If you know the song the end up singing in the end

If not...That's ok too.

Happy Thursday All!! 

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