Monday, February 4, 2013

Bad Movie Friday Nights

Steven and I have a tradition. 
Friday nights are bad movie nights. 
Not like unrated movies that are as bad as we can get them.
no thanks
Just movies that for whatever reason never really made it big. 
Actually some of them are famous...but just because they are so bad :) 
Usually these didn't make it because they storyline is CRAZY hard to follow, or because the budget needed to be about 140 million more then it was, or lets just be honest...some of them are just plain crazy! :) 

let me give you an idea.
Our very first bad movie night we watched


this little gem! 

So after a full days work on Friday imagine my excitement when I got home and Steven already had a movie planned. 
I quick as I could popped the corn and plopped myself down right next to that amazing man! 

and you'll never guess what amazing film he had chosen for this particular nights viewing?

I honestly could not believe it! 
Giant worm aliens?! 
Kevin Bacon!?!!

This movie had it all. 
This movie IS the perfect bad movie night movie!
I was totally blown away! :) 

Thanks Husband Man. 
You're the best! 

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  1. Funny enough I grew up watching Big Trouble in Little China. I haven't seen it in years though. And I'm pretty sure Steven and his brothers watched tremors for every Pizza night. I was talked into watching it with Dave and his Dad last year.