Monday, January 7, 2013


About four years ago my family got a mini addition


She's a miniature beagle
and one of the most adorable and loving dogs I have ever known
I love her to bits!

She loves to snuggle

run around and chase smells in the backyard

and she LOVES to go boneless and let you drag her around on her belly while playing with a sock

She also has a heart shaped spot on the top of her head.
Could she be any cuter?!

After 2 years with my parents
Abby moved in with my older sister and her family

She was great with the two kids

letting them lay on her
walk on her leash around the house 100 times in a row with them
Even going to offer support on scary rides :)

But then came the time for her to move on
Sister and her family decided that a dog and three kids was going to be a little much for their apartment
And it was time for Abby go

Once he heard they were thinking of selling that crazy pup 
Husband arranged an amazing surprise.
He's the best! 
He flew me to Sister's right before thanksgiving 
I thought just to visit, cause it had been a long while since the last time I had seen them
but before I left he told me he had arranged for a rental car for me to drive home in WITH ABBY!!
I was so excited! 
so now...

 We are so lucky and happy to announce
that Abby has become a member of the Palmer family!!
We couldn't be happier!

We love her so much
and she adores Steven. 
It's my favorite

Thanks love

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