Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh Bookstore!

Before I graduated from BYU-Idaho
I had the privilege of working at the University Store for over 2 years.
It was seriously the BEST JOB EVER! 
especially for a student

but now I've graduated and I can't work there anymore.
Cause I'm not a student anymore.
and cause now we live 14 hours away from campus...
 Today while I was thinking about all the resumes I have handed out
and all of the applications I have filled out
and still no job here in Seattle...
I started to ponder on my old jobs.

and remembered this...
I sure hope you enjoy it.
It was a silly project

(is it lame that watching this almost made me cry?)

I sure do miss you bookstore friends!!

What has been your favorite, or least favorite job?

and yes...that is husband in quite a few shots with me. :)
but this was before we were dating.


  1. I could never work in a bookstore... my entire paycheck would be GONE before it hit the bank :) Good luck finding a job in the Seattle area!

  2. I like how Steven is in this too. haha =) Love you guys!