Monday, June 27, 2011

Tourist Play

This weekend was the BEST!

We made Creme Brulee

so good

Then Sister and Brother came to visit!
They are the coolest

They also brought their little love nugget
He's pretty much adorable!

and such a talker these days!

Brother and Nugget have never been to Seattle before
and its been quite a few years for Sister too.
It was fun playing tourist with them all day long

We visited the Troll

Saw a cool man playing the accordion in the street

and ate an amazing pull apart.

It also happened to be Husband's birthday!
(more to come on this)
Happy Day!
So we stopped at his favorite little shop at pikes!

It was a great weekend!



  1. i'm so glad you're keeping us updated on your life in seattle!!

  2. I love reading your blog. Your too cute. I am glad you had fun with family this weekend!

  3. sister, it was so fun! thanks for having us! and i'm stealing these pictures :)