Sunday, July 5, 2009

who said fence sitting was a bad thing?

The latest assignment I have received for my Color Photography class 
a series

we were to choose three options/ideas
i did
then our teacher was to look these three options over and choose the one
he thought could be most successful 
he did

out of the three that i chose
he chose

it was not my favorite one of the three
but he thought that i could come up with some way 
to make it really interesting

he told me i would either pass with flying colors
or flop

the series must be 8 photos long
here is what i have so far



  1. i really lve all of these! I think fenses make good pictures. You seemeed to take the pictues at a good time of day. i like the 2nd one, the way the light hits the shed. and the sunlight behind the fense. and my favorite is the cow! That just worked out perfect how the one was looking at you!! your good margeaux!!!

  2. I really like that last one, the light hitting the tousled clumps of grass with the purple of those flowers right up front. The color of the fenceposts is very pleasing as well. One thing I'd work on more,though, is making sure you've got a definite focal point for each piece. :) Good job, dearie!

  3. 1,3,4 & 5 are my favorites. i like that they are of fences but not just of the fence (the cows, the abstract, the sun...). i'm agreeing with daneford & his focal point idea... i say do a few more & then decide. the cow one is my most favoritest. moo!

  4. Margs!!! I really like the last one!!!That's like the coolest one I think...

    I agree with Dane too...

    but all in all! Props :)

    miss you!

  5. thanks friends for all your feedback. my teacher pretty much said the same thing about the focal point...but he liked 5 of them so much he let me keep them, even still it looks like ill be out shooting fences once again. :) thanks so much for the feedback. love you guys.