Monday, June 22, 2009

Been a While

Okay so its been a while since the last time i posted anything
so here i go

i have begun to recognize
 just how many little things make me smile
and i thought it would be nice to share some of those smiles with you

1. Hugs from friends. 
I honestly am not sure there is anything that can brighten a spirit faster than a good solid, hug-em till your hugger's full embrace from someone you care about 

2. Daily picture messages of my nephew
My sister has been trying so hard to get me to make the trip down to see them again.  Her way of persuasion is simply cruel and unusual at times yet highly effective.

3. Homemade skirts
my best friend and i have been looking into making our own adorable beyond all reason skirts...this is our favorite one so far. :)
Adorable No?

4. Classy and Modest swimwear! 
Dreams really do come true! Audrey Hepburn inspired swimwear! :)
this one's my favorite (shocker)

5. Sunshine
As lame and cliche as this may sound I am in love with the sun. I can't get enough of it. I love it when it's here and miss it so very much when it leaves. 

6. High Quality Music
I recently have fallen head over heals in love with the uke, and this boy...


  1. oh, sister. these made me smile, too.
    1. hugs are the best
    2. apparently its not effective enough, because you're not here.
    3. cute
    4. cuter
    5. yes
    6. he looks like a goober :)


  2. oh know all those super great songs i sent you? yeah...he sings them all :)