Thursday, July 16, 2009

lots of words...but a good story

Tuesday was a great day
I had class from 8:00am until 8:45pm
that has become quite normal for me
and then I went to Open Mic
Which is always a fun time

but tonight was particularly fun because it was a good friends birthday as well. 


so after the party in the hogi yogi upper lounge area was over 
I was invited to the continuation of the party 
being held in another recent good friend's home
it involved brownies
 ice cream
 and kids that I love 
so naturally I was all for it

The party continuation was great fun
we sat outside in the wonderful mid-summer night weather
and just having a grand old time
then came curfew
and so
being the rebellious college student that I am
I went home
and yes I made it in time for curfew

As I was getting ready for bed
I thought about all of the fun that had happened that day
it really had been a good one
I put on my pajamas 
and smiled
I washed my face
and smiled
I flossed my teeth...
and frowned

Why did I frown do you ask? 
well let me tell you
One of the fillings I had received years prior 
decided it didn't like my mouth anymore
and popped right out
I was quite alarmed

but it was late and all offices of dental practice were closed for the day
So I simply made sure to rinse thoroughly 
with my fluoride rinse of course
and went to bed

I didn't think much of it the next morning 
until I tried to drink some juice 

not a good sign 

Later that day I called my Mama 
to see what could be done
She gave me the dental plan numbers
and had me look up an office that was close by
I did
I called them
They couldn't see me until Thursday
but I still made the reservation
This particular office 
came highly recommended

for the next 24 hours I had quite a fun time
trying not to get food stuck in the gapping hole in my tooth

bread was particularly awkward to eat
the way it smooshes 
and molds
it was prime sticking material

but finally Thursday afternoon arrived
and my best friend was kind enough to pick me up
and drive me to the dentist's
I had never been to a dentist's office
by myself
where they didn't already know me by name and face

The secretary was nice enough
She talked to me like I was 4
but then again 
I did almost feel like I was 4
I had no idea what I was supposed to do
I had never done this before

after about a 15 min wait
I was escorted back to my little cubby with a chair
it was a very fancy cubby
she gave me a bib
which was nice of her
and took a quick x-ray 
just to make sure I didn't need to have anything drilled there 
from having it exposed for so long

Then came the numbing 
After the numbing gel
came the needle
and a very nice girl behind it
but she stuck me so many times
and pumped me so very full of numbness
that my upper cheek started to tingle
the filling was on the lower row
I was pumped FULL of juice

Then came the dentist to start a'workin
his assistant was nice
she also talked to me like I was 4
but she really was nice

Turns out I had only chipped the filling 
so what they were going to do is 
drill out just a bit more of the fill
and then stick their own fill in there 
Simple enough. 

I do not know if I have ever had an experience quite like that before 
in a dentist office cubby chair

I find 
that dentist's watch how they treat the rest of your face while they are working
but this time...
lets just say he ended by 
sitting behind my head
resting his whole hand on my forehead, eye, and nose
sticking one finger in to my mouth to hold down my tongue 
and using that same hand to hold back my upper lip,
he then stuck a mini stick camera into my mouth to get a shot of his work
I guess he likes taking before and after shots
but it took him about 30 seconds to get the one he wanted

It honestly was a very strange experience

Over all they were really nice
He knew what he was doing 
and they got the job done pretty quickly

but I'm still not sure I want to go back there
My lips feel a little torn apart and sore
from all the pulling
and resting of instruments on them

it was a strange experience


  1. This made me giddy. Not sure why. I miss you, Margs! Even though you bit me an inordinate number of times... Serves you right. :P

  2. haha, sister this is a good story :) you are so brave! :)