Friday, July 11, 2014

Forever and Ever

Steven and I always go to bed at the same time
but last night he wasn't feeling well and decided to turn in early
I was still wide awake so I waited until I was tired and came in a few hours later

Because Steven and I always go to sleep at the same time
and he usually gets up before or at the same time as me
I don't get that many opportunities to just watch him sleep

Last night I was granted one of those wonderful and rare opportunities

I was able to sneak in and just watch him for a minute
lit by the street light outside our window
I could just barely make out the sweet face and silhouette of the man I love so dearly

I feel like my hearts ability to love him grew even more last night

There truly is nothing sweeter then loving someone with your whole self. 
No fear
No regrets
Just complete and consuming love for another 

and knowing that they share the same level of love and commitment to you

My heart almost burst from joy and love

I only was able to watch him dream for a few moments before he woke up
but as soon as he did 
he smiled a half awake half asleep perfect smile 
snuggled right up to me
held my hand and gave it a squeeze 
and whispered 
"I love you"

That moment
I want to remember forever

I love that man
With all my heart
I am so lucky you are my forever


  1. :} I love knowing those I love are being loved like they deserve.