Friday, August 23, 2013

The past few months

Before I moved over to Hawaii with Steven 
There were about 50 new things happening with our family
and I was blessed enough to be able to still be here on the mainland for them all

This handsome little man was blessed! 
he's such a stud!
Congratulations again David and Courtney

Seeing some of Steven's family was so wonderful
(we missed you Bryan and Amy!)
I am one lucky girl when it comes to in-laws
love you guys!

(photos stolen from this girl

I had the rare and amazing opportunity to live with my
Brother and Sister for over a month
They're kind of awesome.

I was able to be there to help out as they
welcomed their newest addition

I love you guys

Having so much time with you was one of the best 
and greatest experiences of my life

I miss you all so much

And seriously...

I still tear up when I look through photos from our time together. 

I love you guys! 
Miss you tons! 
I was also able to be there to help out
with my little sister's wedding!
WHEN did she get old enough to be married?!

but she looked so beautiful.
and he makes her so happy.
Welcome to the family Bryce.

And then was able to go back to my Brother and Sister's home for their new baby's blessing!

So much has happened and I have so much to tell you all
more details on previously mentioned events coming...
But I wanted to give you all a quick recap of everything that has been going on during the past few months.

Cause it's been crazy busy!

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