Thursday, August 15, 2013

Reason number 987,001 why I married the right man

Yesterday I was having a pretty slow day. 
It was hot in the house...we don't have air conditioning yet and some days, it's just too hot to move
Yesterday was one of those days. 

So what did I do instead? 
Spend 2 hours straight looking up outfit ideas on google and pinterest. 
I am ashamed

See. I love putting things together. 
One of those people who loves to go into your closet and show you new ways to wear things together and teaches you some basic rules to follow. 
I know. 
Now I'm embarrassed.

You would never know by looking at me though. 
I have about 5,000 outfit ideas for my own closet. 
But you probably will never see them because I have this issue 
I am pretty critical of what I wear 
and usually I don't make the cut for girls who could actually pull it off. 
So...I usually opt out and wear jeans and a T-shirt...
or just my gym clothes 
classy right? 

so yesterday I was looking for ideas for my closet again. 
I honestly haven't done this for a good solid year but I was getting really inspired yesterday
I was getting into my fifth or sixth page of ideas when Steven called.

He calls during the day just to say hi when he's got a minute
problem is...he always asks what i'm doing. 

so there I am 
sitting on the couch
in my dirty gym clothes from this morning
with a note pad and ipad
Where I have been for the past 2 hours 
Do i tell steven what I have actually been doing for the past two hours straight...
or do I tell him I've been cleaning and hustle my tush up and clean for the next two hours to compensate? 

I told him the truth of course. 
 this is how the conversation went. 

S: Hey. How's your day been so far?
M: Fine...Kind of slow
S: Yeah? What have you been up to?
M: (pause) Well...I've been looking up outfit ideas for a while
S: Oh yeah? That's fun...
M: (Silent)
S: Well if you get bored...

let me pause us here for just one minute. At this point I was convinced Steven would say "you could clean up around the house," or  "you could practice baking different cakes for you business," or "you could go to the gym," or "you could take the dog on a walk." You know...something far more useful then just sitting around looking at outfit ideas... right
so...Imagine my surprise when he actually said...

S: Well if you get bored...would you want to look up ideas for me? 
M: Wait?! What?! You want me to spend more time on the internet looking up ideas for YOU?

Dressing husband is one of my favorite things to do! 
We have been picking outfits out for him together since before we were even dating. 
Not that he needs the help.
Man's got style kids. 

And yesterday it was confirmed again.
How many other husbands would encourage their wife do this.
I am so lucky we found each other! 


  1. Margeaux. WTF. Girl, you have AMAZING style and amazing attitude and you could certainly pull off whatever genius idea you came up with that day. Seriously, you're depriving the world of your super savvy creative ideas and really, it's not fair. You're doing the ladies of the internet injustice. Maybe just start off slow. PUT the outfit on. Get in front of a mirror, take a photo. Do whatever you want with the photo- make a private album for yourself, make a private album for friends (dude, include me) or hey, maybe some day you will feel compelled to start posting them on a public blog. But seriously. I want in on this. Everybody wants in on this. Let us in on this.

    1. Haha. Kim i love you so much. I promise i'll start something... And i'll for sure include you no matter how small i start out :)

    2. Just as long as you's going to be small.

  2. Bahaha! Gosh I spend way too much time doing that myself! Girlfriend get your bum at that beach for all of us who can't!!!

  3. oh sister. I always love it when you come into my closet and show me new things to wear! And you're like the one person I know who can pull off ANYTHING she tries on, just saying. I already told Bryce I want to dress him too :)

    PS I'm really diggin' steven's new haircut. I like it bunches :)