Thursday, June 5, 2014

He's a mountain man at heart

Right now we have one dog


She's small and adorable and super chill
we love her

Look at that face!! 
She's the best

Steven and I have been talking about getting another dog within the next year or so.
We have been talking about breeds and pros and cons of sizes and things

we had decided on a German Shepherd
for the longest time we had been talking about getting a Greyhound cause they're gorgeous! 
but we both think before it would be smart to get one that could protect the family if needed
sorry Abby but you're a wimp and if anything happened...
You have a tendency to run away :) 

Anyway so we were looking into Germans...
they come in white guys! 


But then Steven found a mix breed....
he loves it
and now wants a German 
a Czechoslovakian Vlcak

You guys....
it's a mix between a German and a WOLF

let me say that again

(insert nervous look and laugh here) 

All of Steven's wildest dog dreams have just come true. 
obviously we need to do a lot more research but really....
Steven's mind is already made up :)

so we'd have a white german, a wolfdog, and a 20lb mini beagle....

"one of these things is not like the other..." 


  1. Oooo the shedding!!! Russ loves huskies but the fact that they're brilliant and super high energy (see: wolves and German shepherds) we passed. Dogs like that really are a lifestyle because they take so much effort, but on the flip side if you're willing to put in that much dedication you will have an amazing dog! Any hunting breed would be a good protective dog (if trained right! ) we would still love to own a weimerainer! (The pup we had at stone brook) just need to have the time to train it and find one that's actually healthy :/

    1. Steven and I are both so excited to get a dog that is more high energy like you said. I was a little intimidated at first but we have so many places to hike and walk around here plus i'm still running and would love a partner, we always are wanting to do more outside, i'm not worried about physically keeping up with their needs. We've also been looking into training programs and researching the breeds non-stop for months. We for sure are not taking the decision lightly :) I am not too excited for the shedding though. That seems to be one of the only downers we can find right now. And it's something I can live with...i think. haha. Your Weimerainer was adorable but yes, for a small apartment during a rexburg winter. yikes. no room to run so they start getting curious and devious :) Abby even started misbehaving! if you can believe that? haha. and for sure making sure they are healthy! it adds up so fast if they get sick!

  2. A lady in our ward in St. Goerge just got mauled by a half-wolf half-husky. I'd be really nervous about the wolf part, especially around kids. But that might be just me and dogs in general :)

    1. That is so sad. Husky dogs are actually one of the most vicious/most likely to attack breeds out there. I'm not too surprised that a half husky half wolf would attack someone. yikes. We're for sure not taking it lightly though. Steven has been doing a ton of research on the German/Wolf breed before we make final decisions. I guess they have been breeding the two for a while and only with wolves that have dog-like qualities, (aka non aggressive/loyal) They breed only the gentle wolves together to create very even tempered lines of wolves, if one starts showing signs of aggression or anything like that they will no longer use that wolf to breed. The only thing they want to transfer over from the wolves to the germans is their speed and endurance. Some breeders have amazing reviews of wonderful dogs that look a little more wolf-like, have the strength and endurance of a wolf but the loyalty and temperament of a German. There are always bad breeders who don't use the lines they should but hopefully we can find a good breeder and a good mix. otherwise we for sure won't go through with it. Steven's beard/washington/mountain man just couldn't resist when he found out they were real though :) it's actually an AKC registered breed though, so hopefully we can find a good certified and well bred addition to our family :)