Friday, September 20, 2013

Picture DUMP!

As I previously mentioned 
I lived with my Brother and Sister 
and their now 3 adorable little ones
for a while this summer before moving

Last night I was having a real bad case of the 

You know,
Where you look through all the pictures of your time together
And try to figure out how you can afford tickets for their whole family to come and visit you.
Cause that's how much you need them right then! 

Well...i warned you before
that someday a picture dump from those weeks together was coming
and today is that day

it has come! 

And here they are....

The day before I left I went camera crazy
but seriously can you blame me?! 
These kids are just TOO CUTE!!!

Girl loves her brother :) 

and her mama :) 

the sweetest boy ever. 

We made a robot helmet for him one day 

Another time we made that corn starch and water goop
The kids didn't really know what to think at first...
but it was a giant 
by the time we ended 

Oh my gosh! 
That squat!! 

Then for some reason she wanted to paint her face too :) 

end result! 
success on the fun-o-meter

We also went to the zoo 
it was a blast! 

it was the best seeing their little faces light up while seeing all the animals. 

Part way through this little cutie was added to the group
oh man! 
those cheeks!
and those eyes! 


This boy is the best big brother
he loves his sisters! 

We went to a local indoor play place
had a blast! 

We actually ended up going a good number of times while I was there :) 
these kids know how to have fun! 

this girl is not afraid of anything! 
look at her face!

she also loves skee ball

Another favorite is the carousel. 

This little man can sing along to the whole song
no joke
It's kind of amazing
and adorable :) 

These kids just kill me with their cuteness and I love them so much! we're caught up. 
more or less

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