Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Let them eat it!

This post is all about cake. 

While staying with my sister and brother this summer 
I realized a passion I never even knew I had
Cake Decorating


So much fun! 

Here are the two cakes that I have worked on in the past couple of months that really started this whole love for cake decorating. 

For my nephew's fourth birthday
My sister and I decided to attempt to go all out with his cake
he was very specific with what he wanted
it was to be a nemo/shark party

First and foremost on his cake there needed to be 
an Angler fish...
also a bruce, nemo and a crab.

We had our work cut out for us

We spent a good 8 hours that day baking the cake
molding rice crispy forms 
making our own fondant
coloring said fondant

it was a blast!!

The end result was awesome...but the best part of it all
my nephew's face when we brought it out...


not two seconds after we had told him that he could eat the characters too...
this happened.

I'd say it was a success :) 
So fun! 
electronic high-five sister
for the win

Here's the finished cake before we ate it. :) 

So then I decided to make a cake for my husbands birthday a few weeks later
He loves mario
(what man who grew up in the 90's doesn't love a little mario right)
so his party was mario themed :) 

This cake was a little more difficult
It was the first time I had tried baking anything in the Hawaii climate
and let me tell you
it is different! 

The fondant dried out super fast but at the same time was always sweating from the humidity...
making it really difficult to shape and cut
seams were showing all over the place


needless to say it was A LOT harder.
but the morning of the party
I threw this together for him

He loved it :) 

and once again. 
not two seconds after I had told him that the mario was made of rice crispy treats did this happen


the cake before we ate it. 

(not perfect, but husband loved it) 

So there you have it. 

And I'm still working on getting fondant to work here with the humidity
but I'll keep practicing
Hopefully I'll figure it out soon. :) 

Thanks for letting me share what I've worked on cake wise for the past couple of months. 

Do you have any good cake decorating tips? 

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