Monday, June 11, 2012

The Teton Dam 10K

Husband and I both used to love running
Then we got married 
and life got really busy
So we let it slide

We will still run usually a couple times a month
but for those of you who know me
that's pathetic! 
I used to run every day
no excuses

I miss that. 

So to kick our sorry
lazy bottoms
back into shape
as well as to kickstart our need for running again

Husband and I signed up for this. 

ok we didn't exactly sign up for THIS
we signed up for the 10K
but it was a start

We didn't sign up or start training until 2 weeks before the race. 
Not smart
But still we had so much fun. 
And somehow managed to finish in around 50 minutes
not great...but not horrible. 

how i've missed you! 


  1. Nice job! Running is my LEAST favorite sport, so it's especially impressive to me!

  2. Haha. Thanks Ashley. My love for running kind of stems from having a total lack of coordination required for any other kind of sport. You're lucky you've got skill enough to do other sports :)