Monday, April 23, 2012

Our Weekend In Food

Saturday morning was the best. 
Steven and I have had to work all day for the past few Saturdays
but not this weekend

this weekend we slept in late
and to celebrate our not having to work this weekend
as well as Steven's completion of his first week of classes

We decided to cook delicious things all weekend long! 

Pancakes with cinnamon peach syrup
(and not the "just add water kind" of pancakes) 

Saturday night dinner we almost didn't get a picture of
it went so fast

Baked chicken with pasta, stewed tomatoes instead of regular marinara, and fresh parm cheese. 
oh and dont forget the garlic bread and fresh green beans
(my husband really knows how to make the best pasta dishes ever!) 

We then watched reruns of our favorite tv show, Psych,
and husband and i rosted some mallows over an open flame....or our stove top. 
with the lights off to add to the glowing "fire" effect of the element. 

Sunday morning I rediscovered my FAVORITE breakfast/treat
Tillamook vanilla bean yogurt over fresh sliced strawberries. 
You seriously have to try it. 
The Tillamook yogurt is what makes it so special from just regular yogurt and fruit. 
Try it! 

Sunday evening after church we went on a L-O-N-G walk
almost 2 hours. 
but it was such a beautiful day!
We ended up at the duck pond and steven fed them his cheese its that he had brought to munch on. 
they were to busy doing tai chi though to eat much of anything. 

Well there you have it. 
What yummy things did you guys cook up this weekend?

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