Tuesday, August 30, 2011

So Many Pictures

here we go

For our engagement anniversary
Steven took me to Spokane
where we stayed in our Davenport hotel again
Seriously guys
if you get the chance to stay there
its amazing

We had breakfast in bed
Their french toast = probably the best I've ever had

We also spent our afternoons walking around downtown
goofing off
and checking out how high the falls were


Three months later...
We had our actual wedding anniversary
 San Juan's are close and fun
but we wanted to try something new this time
so we jumped on a clipper
and found ourselves in good ol' Canada!
My first time

 Took our picture next to every Killer Whale we could find...
you'd be surprised how many there were

Stayed in a really cool old hotel

walked around the Port with our luggage that didn't roll
(poor husband)

ate the yummiest sandwiches and soup

had breakfast in a little cafe


and of course rented a little motorbike
Woot Woot!

We rode that bad boy all around town

and then watched some Cricket

Neat weekend right?

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  1. Ok really jealous of your motorbike and that awesome hotel! I want to see pictures of the room you stayed in. Miss you guys wish you were coming back sooner so we could hang out!