Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How to Have the Best 4th Weekend.

To start you will need
1. To be old enough to be the "adults" on a trip (haha. when did this happen?)
2 awesome little sisters with a fabulous group of friends
3. An entire day to spend doing whatever you want

This is only a few of us. I think there were 11 total in our group that day!

Kate started off the day not feeling so well
so she hung out with me... Sissy pants/weak stomach while the other kids went on the roller coasters

luckily we have the same favorite ride
We could ride this bad boy until the end of time!

We then proceeded to be sneaky and bought ourselves a little som'n som'n
Shh...dont tell :)

Once the rest of the gang was all done on the roller coasters we headed over to the new "PANIC PLUNGE!"
Again, I was the photographer

Then Steven and I headed over to the kid's town so I could be a big girl and ride a roller coaster.
Well...kind of...

(if you can't see the sign...that says "tiny toot." The roller coaster I have mastered)

It was such a fun day.

How did you guys spend your 4th?

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