Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What a wonderful Birthday.

I got flowers before work...

My favorite movie was the next thing in this anonymous gift parade

Then chocolates from my favorite handmade chocolate shop.

Then balloons in my last class of the day.

and these little treasures were what weighed them down.

Then my cousin and I made our own candy necklaces and crowns to wear to dinner.

Turning 22 isn't something that just happens every day.
So I decided that I would try to take a few more self portraits.
Second attempt...on my 22 birthday.
Appropriate no?

It really was a wonderful day.


  1. sister that is so happy. i'm glad it was a happy day!

  2. and then we got to see you soon after. Even better.

  3. I just saw that you had a blog so I will now be stalking you! Happy late birthday, you look beautiful (as usual) and it sounds like things are going well!

  4. sister, you are so adorable! how do you be so cute all of the time? I'm glad you have good friends there at school who do things for your birthday since i can't be there to do something super special for you and give you a giant bear hug (even though your birthday was a month ago) still give yourself a bear hug, or have Ca give you one, for me... I love you sister! you're gorgeous, and i'm so glad that I have you as my sister. I'm so proud of you and the hard work you are doing in school. I <3 you real biggly! :)