Friday, October 16, 2009

lists of newness

this list of newness

last weekend I received an invitation on facebook
to a new and interesting activity going on here in Rexburg

this activity includes


golden hoops

bright colors

team rivalry


bludgers and quaffles

and of course
a snitch

haha! there are real life quidditch games taking place in little ol' Rexburg

so naturally I HAD to go and at least see what was going on.

These are my friends and the sadly defeated Gryffindor team
(from right to left, katie, mauri, megan, Gryffindor members, Shayne, Snitch)

now some of you may be wondering how in the world this little man dressed in yellow could have been the snitch...
we wondered too when we arrived.
actually we didn't even see him until after the game had started

we were sitting on the grass
quietly observing the game in awe

kids running back and forth between two sets of golden hoops on brooms throwing red rubber balls at each other and trying to throw a soccer ball through one of the hoops will do that you know.
awe and inspire you
anyways as we were sitting and wondering how this game would end without a snitch...
when a streak of yellow flashed by
caught just out of the corner of everyone's eyes.
we all looked in disbelief.
the snitch was a person, dressing in yellow, running around the entire park, trying to keep away from the two seekers (on brooms mind you) who were frantically trying to catch him.

I honestly could not stop laughing
so i just wanted to share a bit of all of this with you

More shots of some of the Gryffindor team members.
(they made their own legit robes)

and they really flew!

Needless to say
Life's pretty amazing here in the Burg these days.

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  1. hahahahahaha. i love the quidditch business. i'll have to bring junior & learn him the ways... :) and we're waiting to meet this todd fellow. he looks like a spy. are you allowed to date spies?